General Services

Geoff Jenkin is available to advise and act in several areas of the law, with expertise in a broad range of specialty fields including:

Debt recovery and creditors remedies. By employing some specific debt recovery mechanisms Geoff can help to recover outstanding debt. Such mechanisms include:
  • Summary judgment
  • Charging orders and injunctions
  • Recovery of funds, assets and property

Insolvency proceedings

  • Bankruptcy and liquidation processes
  • Insolvency outcomes - opinion work
  • Voidable preference claims and insolvent transactions
  • The “no asset” procedures

Negligence claims and claims for remedies under the Fair Trading Act 1986.

Negligence claims are wide and varied and the Fair Trading  Act 1986 provides remedies for misleading and deceptive  conduct in trade, false representations and other unfair practices.

Leaky building and “weather­tight” homes jurisdiction.
Geoff will act on your behalf to ensure a satisfactory resolution to any issues you may have with “leaky building” claims.

Breach of contract

A breach of contract is a failure, without legal excuse, to perform any promise that forms all or part of a contract. I  am able to offer legal advice in respect of  the  interpretation  of  contracts  and remedies where there has been a breach of undertaking. These can be complicated issues to pursue through the legal system. Following an assessment to ensure the case is legally viable, Geoff will ensure that the matter is brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Work with Geoff Jenkin to resolve any general legal issues. 

  • Geoff will assess cases which are legally complex and procedurally difficult.
  • Work to negotiate the best outcome for you.
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